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What can your International Freight Forwarder do for your Business?

By definition, an international freight forwarder is a logistics partner who organizes the transportation of shipments for individuals and/or businesses to move commodities from a manufacturer or supplier to a market, a consumer, or the final destination of distribution. 

Full Service Freight Forwarding Solutions

If you are shipping on a global level, you need a freight forwarder with an efficient and dependable process that enables you to essentially outsource your entire logistics department with a full suite of air and ocean forwarding solutions on an international scale. 

Choosing the Right Freight Forwarder

Partnering with the right International Freight Forwarder for your business is essential to a productive outcome. At a minimum, the international forwarder should have a global network, expertise in your products, their transportation and customs requirements, and be readily available to advise you through the professional and regulatory hurdles. CLN Worldwide works with companies across the globe who face complex challenges in industries including: Aerospace, Bio-Pharma, Over-size equipment, Hazardous Chemicals, and a number of emerging markets. For further assistance or guidance on your products and in your markets, please contact our team HERE! 

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